Free Legal Service for Miltary Saturday
The US Army Reserves 6th JAG Legal Operations Detachment has opened a legal assistance office on the Yakima Training Center
The third Saturday of every month they will offer no-cost legal assistance to active duty, reserve, retired service members (with I...
Breastfeeding In Public Or In Military Uniform (VIDEOS)
I think that it is amazing that there are woman out there that are sticking with the old school FACT that Breastfeeding is extremely good for your child. It helps the child get the nourishing that it needs to grow up healthy and strong. When breastfeeding is done in public, I do believe that people …
Is R.O.T.C. at W.V. Schools D.O.A.?
Yesterday, I received an empassioned plea from a friend asking to protest a decision made by the West Valley School Board.
This morning, during "The Big Show," I got a phone call from a female listener who alerted me to the same thing, saying that her husband was "…
Beware of Memorial Day Military Scams
Memorial Day is coming this Monday and, while it is  a time to honor those who serve and remember those who have died in war, it has also become another guise for scam artists to take from people who are serving or have served their nation, especially elderly veterans.