Why Steroids Should Be Allowed in Pro Sports
As a baseball fan, I often get into arguments with people as to why I think steroids should be LEGAL within the game.  Usually I get the response you are thinking right now.  "No way!  It's cheating!"
Well, it is cheating (because it is currently against the rule…
Ironic Barry Bonds Autographed Baseball Card Being Auctioned
In a comical and ironic twist, a 1987 Donruss baseball card of notorious steroid abuser Barry Bonds has surfaced and is being auctioned off on E-bay for $100,000.
What makes this card have such perceived value?  Probably because of the inscription Bonds scrawled above his John Hancock.
Top 10 Baseball Parks For Craft Brew
If you are tired of going to the ballgame only to be gouged a high price for cheap beer, then this list is for you.
The folks at have rated the 10 best cities to get good beer at a major league park.
Mariners Fan Catches Foul Ball In His Beer Cup
In last night's debacle at SafeCo Field, where the Mariners dropped their second consecutive game to the Houston Lastros.
The one highlight for the local nine didn't even occur on the field but, rather, at the hand (and cup!) of a fan who made what is arguably the greatest foul ball catch ever. His p…
Opening Day of Baseball at the Lyons House
Monday night marked the return of Major League Baseball for another year.
At my house we refer to it as "New Year's Day" and celebrate almost as fervently as we do on December 31st of each year.
This year was no different.
Mariners Unveil New Commercials for 2013
While the Mariners have pulled up the rear in the standings more often than not over the last decade, one area where the M's always excel is in their annual batch of promotional commercials.  In fact, they are consistently voted tops in the big leagues by fans across the country.
My all-time favorite…

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