Women Fail at Answering Baseball Question On Jeopardy! [VIDEO]
I like to watch Jeopardy! from time to time. I rarely know the correct answers, but when I do and the contestants don't I get a little feeling that I am much more intelligent than I truly am. Thursday night near the end of the episode, a baseball question popped up and the answers were absolutely cl…
Todd E. Lyons Blog: My Son and I Visit Ken Griffey, Jr.
Yesterday, an old co-worker of mine treated me to a matinee` at Safeco Field.  While the Mariners took another one on the chin at the hands of the Texas Rangers (12-4), my son Drew and I had a great time.
When the game ended, we went to the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame to go see the newest display a…
Two Amazing Plays Turned By the Mariners This Week
This week has been a bit rough on the Seattle Mariners.  After winning a season high eight consecutive games, the M's split a four game series with the lowly Minnesota Twins and have lost the first two games on their current east coast road trip to the Boston Red Sox, including a 15-inning…
Why Steroids Should Be Allowed in Pro Sports
As a baseball fan, I often get into arguments with people as to why I think steroids should be LEGAL within the game.  Usually I get the response you are thinking right now.  "No way!  It's cheating!"
Well, it is cheating (because it is currently against the rule…
Ironic Barry Bonds Autographed Baseball Card Being Auctioned
In a comical and ironic twist, a 1987 Donruss baseball card of notorious steroid abuser Barry Bonds has surfaced and is being auctioned off on E-bay for $100,000.
What makes this card have such perceived value?  Probably because of the inscription Bonds scrawled above his John Hancock.
Top 10 Baseball Parks For Craft Brew
If you are tired of going to the ballgame only to be gouged a high price for cheap beer, then this list is for you.
The folks at have rated the 10 best cities to get good beer at a major league park.

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