A Goal I Can Get Behind – Beat Every NES Game in 2013
People have their goals set for 2013. They want to lose weight or finish a project around the house they never finished - stuff like that. The good people at NintendoAge have a goal in place for their community; collectively beat every Nintendo game in 2013...
When You Buy a Wii U, Don’t Expect To Play It Immediately
I, like many Americans, picked up the new Wii-U from Nintendo at midnight on November 18th. It's basically a Wii with some added features, but there were a few games I was looking forward to playing. What I didn't expect was how long it was going to take to update.
Best NES Games You May Not Have Played – Riggs’ Top 10
Out of all the game systems I have, out of all of them I will ever get in the future, the original 8-bit Nintendo, or NES, will always be my favorite system of all time. It was just about perfect in my eyes. Many of the most popular games of all time came from Nintendo like the Mega Man series, Cast…
The Best Super Nintendo Games – Riggs’ Top 10
Today, back in 1991, the Super Nintendo was released to much praise from gamers of all types. It was definitely a happier, more colorful system than the very grim, sometimes not-so-children-friendly Sega Genesis, but had a ton of games that were fun for all ages and reveled a new technique that was …

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