Local Man Beats Feds Over Columbia River Island Access
Bradley Miltenberger of Echo, Oregon, (below Hermiston) drove up to Yakima three times to attend federal court and fight a $125 ticket. His gas and food probably cost more than that, but it was the principle of the thing. And he won.
Snowpack Declining; EPA’s Air Quality Standards Restrictions
Due to warmer temperatures last month, snowpack in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada have further declined. USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service Hydrologist Cara McCarthy says nearly one-third of SNOTEL sites in the Cascades and Sierra Nevada are reporting the lowest snowpack e…
Porn Made at Oregon State University
Yes, the Home of the Beavers had a porno made inside the Library of the Oregon State University! It was a 31 minute "one shot" by 19 year old Kendra Sunderland who did a solo show and recorded on her laptop's webcam

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