How To Turn A Double-Stuf Oreo Into A Single-Stuf Oreo
This 'How-To' is oddly ridiculous as nobody would ever need to turn their double-stuf Oreo into a standard, regular Oreo, but who am I to judge? Maybe you always buy Double-Stuf for yourself and you have a guest who doesn't want that much cream filling. Everyone take...
The New Triple Double Oreo – Riggs’ Fantasy [PHOTO]
Earlier in the year we mentioned that Oreo was coming out with the Triple Double Oreo which features 3 cookies and two layers of creme - one classic, one chocolate. That sounds amazing to a junk-food-aholic like myself, but what about improving the improved...
The Triple Double Oreo
I'd rather have a Triple-Stuf Oreo, but I'll take this all the same. It's the Triple Double Oreo and it's coming soon.