Ag News: GMO Demonization
Opposition to GMOs is unique in that avoids GM food being promoted as an eco-positive initiative. USDA not to seek regulate emerging gene editing tech.
WOTUS Repeal and Cage Free Eggs
** President Trump’s Waters of the United States repeal Tuesday represents hope and optimism for reducing the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulatory reach.
That’s according to new administrator, Scott Pruitt who says we have always been able the strike the balance between being a good steward o…
Labeling of GMO Food; Farmers Earth Friendly
During the Organic Trade Association luncheon last week - Montana Senator and organic farmer Jon Tester said advocates would have to work hard to achieve labeling of genetically modified foods. Tester says more farmers would transition to organic if land-grant colleges paid more attention to organic…
Get Hooked Up With 9 Months Of Fresh Produce
Food Inc., Fresh and many other movies are bringing healthy, organic foods to light. Maybe you want to give it a shot from your usual diet, or you just want to have new fruits and vegetables to have you and your kids experience, but where to start? Our friends at Charis Ranch have exactly what you&a…