Washington Ranks in Top 10 for Penis Size in U.S.
The state of Washington and it's biggest city Seattle definitely have a new honor to hang their hats on.  Nature's Coat Hook is good for drying towels and eliciting gasps of approval, and NOW it's official--
According to a recent study conducted on over 27,000 condom users, the Evergreen state rates …
Victorian Penis Armor Thought to Prevent Insanity, Masturbation
Anti-masturbation devices, such as the one pictured up top, were used in the stained glass days of the Victorian sex age, where everyone from scholars, Catholic porno cults and Cloister prostitutes believed that masturbation caused the degeneration of civil society by inflicting the rosy palm populo…
Penis Shaped Corn Dogs [PHOTO, NSFW]
This is the perfect food to order for yourself if you don't want to share. These have an amazing amount of detail. Enjoy the picture. Just a note, after clicking through you won't be able to unsee anything. There may be a bit too much detail in these corn dogs.
Man Had His Junk Eaten By Wild Animals
Terry Thompson made international news last October when he released many of his 60-plus exotic animals from his private zoo in Zanesville, Ohio just prior to taking his own life with a gun. His alleged motive: his wife cheated on him.