Playboy Mexico Removes Nipples [NSFW?]
The term used to be that they were 'airbrushed', but there's no denying that Playboy magazine goes heavy on the photoshop to remove any marks or blemishes so they all appear perfect. Sometimes, they get a little carried away - What Happened?!
Tiffany Toth – Playboy Girl of the Week
Our Playboy Girl of the Week, surfer girl Tiffany Toth, grew up on the beaches of Orange County, California before being named Playboy’s Miss September 2011.
Twenty-five-year-old Tiffany says when she wasn’t on the beach, soaking in surf and rays, she was fascinated wi…
Olivia Paige — Playboy Girl of the Week
Olivia Paige, our inaugural Playboy Girl of the Week, is a former New York farm girl who was named Playboy’s Miss September 2010.
Olivia, who originally grew up in farming country of upstate New York says she used to be a tomboy. “I rode four-wheelers and go-karts, and I loved t…

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