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Jenyne Butterfly May Be The Greatest Pole Dancer Ever [VIDEO]
There are literally thousands of pole dancing videos on the internet. Some are great, some not so much, some are funny, some look painful. Usually, when someone tells me to watch a pole dancing video I have the "I've seen one, I've seen them all" attitude, until I saw thi…
Subway Pole Dancing Is Becoming a Trend [VIDEOS]
The big news in public transportation this week was 26-year old Ryan Wenzel (not pictured), who entertained riders of New York City's L Train with a pole dance.
While the show may have seemed spontaneous, it turns out it was actually part of a shoot for an upcoming Girl Talk video.
Pole Dancing for Jesus – Yes, It Really Exists
Move over, oil and water: A local FOX affiliate in Houston, TX, has discovered a new phenomenon that will have everyone scratching their heads.
It's called -- wait for it -- Pole Fitness for Jesus, a bi-weekly program in which women dance on a stripper pole set to Christian music.
Sounds like an oxy m…