Flood Warnings For Parts of Yakima and Kittitas Counties
Before you take off for work Tuesday you might want to make sure your regular route isn't flooded out. Due to flooding from snow melt and rain flowing down from the mountains, authorities have completely blocked off traffic to the intersection of Fruitvale Boulevard and 40th Avenue, where it le…
Do You Use An Umbrella? [POLL]
I'm doing my best Insanity Wolf impersonation in this picture.
But, alas, being from Washington, I don't use umbrellas. If it's really, really rainy I might wear a hoodie, but I like the rain.
Average Rainfall In Yakima vs. Seattle
On a grey, dreary wet and rainy day such as today, I'm quickly reminded how lucky we are to live in the Yakima Valley where the sun shines nearly 300 days a year.  At least, according to the old number touted for many years by the Chamber of Commerce or Visitors and Convention Bureau.
I don't need to…