Alex Trebek Busts One Off On A Contestant
I've been watching Jeopardy! for decades. Even when I was a little boy back in the late 60's and early 70's when Art Fleming was the host. Obviously being part of the "cool crowd" was never a pre-requisite. The contestants on Jeopardy! are generally braniacs who own …
Record Store Day At Off The Record
RECORD STORE DAY is coming Saturday April 20th--join in the celebration at OFF THE RECORD. Exclusive limited edition vinyl made only for RECORD STORE DAY----once it's gone it's gone. And only available in Yakima at OFF THE RECORD. Live music all day lone with all kinds of different genres.…
Year End Review Rap Up (VIDEO)
I really can't stand Rap music. They typically say only about 5 words and they are either racist or just foul! And there is no shredding guitar! But I got to admit it that this "You Tube Rapper" DeStorm has an excellent take on the year 2012!