Seattle Mariners

Mariners Fan Catches Foul Ball In His Beer Cup
In last night's debacle at SafeCo Field, where the Mariners dropped their second consecutive game to the Houston Lastros.
The one highlight for the local nine didn't even occur on the field but, rather, at the hand (and cup!) of a fan who made what is arguably the greatest foul ball catch ever. His p…
Opening Day of Baseball at the Lyons House
Monday night marked the return of Major League Baseball for another year.
At my house we refer to it as "New Year's Day" and celebrate almost as fervently as we do on December 31st of each year.
This year was no different.
Mariners Unveil New Commercials for 2013
While the Mariners have pulled up the rear in the standings more often than not over the last decade, one area where the M's always excel is in their annual batch of promotional commercials.  In fact, they are consistently voted tops in the big leagues by fans across the country.
My all-time favorite…
4 Year Old Boy Cries After Cardinals Lose
I'm a HUGE sports fan - especially baseball - and, because of the nature of my household, my 7 year-old son is as well.
When I saw this video of a young St. Louis Cardinals fan's reaction to his team being eliminated from the playoffs, I couldn't help but empathize with the poor kid.  Not only becaus…

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