Hillary Clinton Raises Money From Rain-Soaked Seattle Supporters
Democrat Hillary Clinton made a quick stop to raise some quick cash in Seattle earlier today at the Paramount Theater that featured hip-hop artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Attendees braved the elements outside as western Washington gets pounded with what is expected to be a major storm.
Handling “12” Jugs All At Once
Seahawks mania in these parts can be a little over the top. On top of all the Seahawks-logoed cars I've seen (some professionally done, some done by hand with spray paint) there is the "Sea-Fence" house, the giant "12" erected in PVC piping alongside Intersta…
What Cool Seahawks Stuff Do You Have?
I am doing a little remodeling, so I had to stop by Ace Hardware in Yakima the other day. I walked in and about fell on the floor. Right in the front aisle there was a tool box. Not just any tool box, but a Seahawks tool box!
Celebrity Auction For Charity Coming Soon
Every year we here at KATS and Townsquare Media work with Bill Harris Used Cars to put on "10 Deeds In 10 Days" to benefit various charities in the Yakima Valley. This year we'll be hosting a new "deed" at It'll be the Rock N Roll Celebrity…
Granger Film Director Turns Bad Joke into Short Film [WATCH]
Rick Castañeda, a film director from Granger (credits include Cement Suitcase which was filmed in the Yakima Valley) has a new short film he wanted to share with us -- free of charge! Watch it here!
This movie titled 'Bear Story' has been shown at the Seattle True Independent Film Fe…

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