Watch 4th of July Fireworks Shows Across the U.S. With EarthCam
America’s birthday is just a few days away and the folks at EarthCam will be streaming live video of some of the biggest fireworks displays from sea to shining sea!
Why? Because... ‘Merica!
Not enough of a reason? Okay, think about how fun fireworks are... then multiply that by e…
Seattle CEO Pledges to Pay EVERY Employee $70,000
Dan Price makes about $1 million a year from the Seattle company he founded, Gravity Payments. They handle credit card payments and it is growing fast. Price discovered scientific research that found people are happiest making around $70,000 a year. "We can afford that," he thought…
Kelly’s Krazy Kuts: All Things Seahawks
In celebration of the Seahawks going to Sunday's NFC championship game, (and hopefully winning) I have decided that my Krazy Kut for today will be songs, videos and all things Seahawks.
Some of these songs mention players who are no longer with the Hawks, but who cares? The tunes themselves really pu…

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