How Does Your Sex History Stack Up?
In a recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, "millennials" are on pace to shack up with an average of eight partners during their lifetimes, which is less than members of "Generation X" (10 partners) and "baby boomers" (11 partners). In their words, &…
How Condoms Are Packaged [VIDEO]
Valentines day is almost here so you need to starting thinking about playing it safe. I was talking to a listener the other day, a woman whom I have never met, and she said she has sex all of the time but never uses a condom. WTF? That is kind of gross to me but she told me it is because she is worr…
Craigslist Ad in Ellensburg Looking For ‘Erotic Maid’
Like just about everything else on the Internet, Craigslist ads can generally be helpful.  But sometimes they can be fraudulent and other times they can be downright weird.
Take, for example, the posting I stumbled across the other day from a person in Ellensburg.

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