Drunk Man Has Sex With Snowman and Gets Frostbite On His Wiener
There are times when the eyes of an alcoholic reveal a darkness so vast that everything decrepit in the universe appears to makes sense, like a bloodshot looking glass reflecting a message from God - or maybe not. Either way, occasionally a rare breed of sloppy degenerate rises up from the drunken p…
Yogurt-Eating Mice Have Big Balls
Since the dawn of man, humans have looked for food, drugs, instruments and more to enhance their sexual performance, increase the size of specific organs and more.
A new study done by researchers at M.I.T. may have stumbled upon the latest and, boy oh boy, is Minnie happy!
70-Year-Old Virgin Ready to Give Up the Booty
Pam Shaw, a 70-year-old cabaret singer known as “The Sexational Pam”, is a virgin who has sacrificed sex for work and for her beliefs. She adheres to a strict moral code and doesn’t believe in sex before marriage –where is the fun in that?- so she is…

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