The Best Super Nintendo Games – Riggs’ Top 10
Today, back in 1991, the Super Nintendo was released to much praise from gamers of all types. It was definitely a happier, more colorful system than the very grim, sometimes not-so-children-friendly Sega Genesis, but had a ton of games that were fun for all ages and reveled a new technique that was …
My Recent Craigslist Find Has Me Buying Back My Youth
Hello, My name is Riggs and I'm a retro video game collector. "Hi, Riggs." I love checking out yard sales, craigslist and stores like Ron's, Goodwill and Value Village. I rarely buy things from there, but you never know if you'll find that super "find&qu…
10 Most Frustrating Gaming Moments
No matter how good you are, no matter how much of a 'pro' you're heralded as, there are those moments in video games that make you want to rage-quit, throw your controller across the room and slam your head in the freezer. Here are 10 specific instances that has happened to everyone.