Stupid Criminals

15 Stupidest Criminals of 2013
2013 was chock-full of criminal masterminds (read morons). That's right, last year we were graciously introduced to a mom who let her toddler hit the bong, the poopy-pants shop lifter, a cold-hearted nun-robbing thief and so much more. And thanks to our good friend the Internet, no dumb deed go…
Customer Shoots Would-be Robbers At Internet Cafe
There are acts of heroism, there are acts of stupidity and this video includes both. Some guys barge into an Internet cafe in hopes to rob the place. As it turns out, one of the guys there happens to have a gun and has no problem using it to protect the other patrons.
10 Dumb Criminals Caught In the Act
While intelligence isn’t a prerequisite for a life of crime, it certainly would’ve helped these ten boneheaded scofflaws. One clumsy bank robber shoots himself in the foot, a thief can’t figure out how to operate a door as a means of escape and another gets hopelessly stuck while trying to break int…