Timmy’s Basement Babe of the Night! – Vanessa Hudgens
Best known for her work in High School Musical movies... if you're under 13... if you're over 18, then it would be the nude phone hacked pictures that are on the internet thingy... (Kids get parents permission first before searching). She also kicked some ass in the movie SuckerPunch!
Timmy’s Basement Babe of the Night! – Blake Lively
Sure she's lost her pants in the 2nd movie about pants, and she's a gossip whore... and is currently doing the Green Lantern... but oh well, still freakin' hot! That makes her a Basement Babe! Get your hairballs now in the KAT HOUSE for Blake Lively, your Basement Babe for Thursday (8…
Timmy’s Basement Babe of the Night! – Kate Upton
Sure she hasn't done much in the way of acting, but she has talents!!! & They make her an awesome choice for Basement Babe for Wednesday (8/22)! Check her out in the "Three Stooges" movie... and sadly the pic that you see, was cut from the movie... but it's still …

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