Mark Wahlberg Now Confirmed For ‘Transformers 4′
So much of the scuttlebutt around movies is usually half-truths. Three weeks ago we reported that Mark Wahlberg might be up for 'Transformers 4.' The next day it was denied. But now it looks like Wahlberg has been confirmed for the movie by the director himself.
Release Your Inner-Geek With An Optimus Prime Hoodie
I have two types of shirts in my wardrobe; radio station t-shirt and shirts that display my love for all things geek. Most of my geek-type shirts come from They have shirts, hoodies and even Halloween costumes. You can imagine how much I freaked out when I saw they just released this Op…
Hats That Transform Into Robots
New Era, the hat company, and Hasbro, the Transformers company, have teamed up to bring us the next innovation that guys like myself drool over with anticipating of it's release. An actual ball cap that can transform into a toy robot.