Watch 4th of July Fireworks Shows Across the U.S. With EarthCam
America’s birthday is just a few days away and the folks at EarthCam will be streaming live video of some of the biggest fireworks displays from sea to shining sea!
Why? Because... ‘Merica!
Not enough of a reason? Okay, think about how fun fireworks are... then multiply that by e…
WebCam Convention
You've watched them on youtube, youporn, pornhub, porntube, yousitonmyfacebook ... well now you can meet them in real life! I'm talking about webcam models.
Porn Made at Oregon State University
Yes, the Home of the Beavers had a porno made inside the Library of the Oregon State University! It was a 31 minute "one shot" by 19 year old Kendra Sunderland who did a solo show and recorded on her laptop's webcam
Wannabe Webcam Rapper Passes Out After One Hit
I don't endorse smoking marijuana. Not just because it's illegal, but I honestly don't want you to end up like this guy. About a minute in, he decided to act cooler than he is, hacked up a lung and fell ass-over-kettle. Don't worry, you don't need to be high to think this is…