Google Searches Are Wacky Late At Night
What do you search for on Google? I love to search for new ways to cook things. Late-night Google searching is especially crazy! From 1 a.m. on, people search on how to roll a joint. Guess what the top search is though after 2 a.m.?
Could Prickly Lettuce Be The New Hops?
Prickly lettuce is something we don’t eat but it is a very common weed. It has driven farmers crazy for years but, it soon might have a real purpose and potential to make some serious cash
Free Weed For Vets In Colorado! How ‘Bout In Washington Now?
One of my favorite alternative media sites on the web is BenSwann.com. Earlier this year, I had the chance to interview him on "The Big Show" regarding his "Truth In Media" project, which tries to present stories the mainstream media outlets won't touch or will not devote the req…
Seattle Bus Riders Can Now Get their Lost Weed Back
Back in November, voters in this state became one of two (Colorado) to legalize the possession of marijuana.  This has brought with it myriad questions about how to deal with certain elements of the law as well as what to do in other situations where the formerly illegal substance is found.

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