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This Week’s Kim Karca$hian Cue To Call Times To Win $1000
Win cash with Kim Karca$hian. $1000 twice every weekday in November (except Thanksgiving and the day after) or $10K online at Here are the exact cue to call times for this week courtesy of Hendo's Accessories:
Monday - 9:06 & 1:36
Tuesday - 8:06 & 3:36
Wednesday - 7:06 & 3:36
KATS Win Cash $1,000 Cue To Call Times
Listen for the cue to call every weekday in November to WIN CASH! When you hear Kim Karca$hian pass gas, be the 25th nationwide caller at 1-877-854-WINS to get a piece of her booty ... specifically, $1,000 in cash. Here are the exact times we'll be playing the cue the week of Nov...