world record

World Record Paper Airplane Toss
This is hands down pretty incredible, 226 feet 10 inches. A new world record toss and the video proves it. Congrats to Joe Ayoob who made this amazing toss. If you've ever thrown a paper airplane you can imagine how hard it is to throw one 226 feet.
Row Team Takes Off Clothes, Breaks World Record
An all-female group of British rowers proved that some things are just easier when you’re naked. The five adventurous ladies paddled their way across the Atlantic Ocean sans clothing in 45 days, breaking the previous world record (for speed, not the being nude part) in the process.
Naked Santas Aim for World Record in San Francisco
Dozens of men and women donned Santa garb on a blistery cold New York City weekend, jumped into sleighs (i.e. taxi cabs) and headed toward naughty places to drink, drank and drunk. Their holiday-spirited peers in San Francisco also did all of the above, except naked. All in the name of a world recor…

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