The Oddest Video You’ll See Today – WTF? [VIDEO]
What's wrong with this video? Everything! It's just a video of a couple of BFF's dancing to Hot Chelle Rae's song 'Tonight Tonight.' The oddity doesn't come from their wannabe hipster outfits accented with underwear on the outside, it comes from the entire scenario of them dancing to this song with …
Fatality Free Friday – WTF?
May 27th was Fatality Free Friday. I haven't done the research yet to see if it worked, but basically the pledge was to not kill anyone that day - and just for that day. In case you missed out on the new Australian holiday, they already have one planned next year on May 25th, 2012
Facebook-Obsessed Couple Names Their Baby ‘Like’
An Israeli couple recently named their newborn daughter "Like," as in, the button you press when you enjoy a post on the popular social media site Facebook.
This is how the girl's father, Lior Adler, explained the name to the German press agency dpa:
"If once people gav…
Little Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel [VIDEO]
What happens when your daughter brings home a dead squirrel and decides to play with it? Why, you pull out the video camera, of course!
That's exactly what two dumbfounded parents did in this video, in which their adorable little daughter decided to befriend a squirrel killed moments earlier by the f…
Man Calls 911 To Ask Cops To Buy Him Beer
Talk about a bizarre beer run.
The AP is reporting that Raymond Roberge of Bridgeport, CT, dialed 911 three times on Sunday. When authorities finally showed up to his house, the 65-year-old man gave them money "to go to the store and buy him some beer...
Jake Buys a Dress? [PHOTO]
I'm not too good at math, but I can tell you that the real issue isn't the percentage of the coupon but the fact that Jake's buying himself a new dress.
The Most Realistic Wrestling Move Ever
Who ever says "wrestling is fake" is an idiot. This video proves without a shadow of a doubt that professional wrestling is the most realistic sport of all time. Anybody can put a ball through a hoop. Anybody can swim. It takes someone truly magnificent to do what these guys do in …

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