The deadline to file your Federal Income Tax return to the I.R.S. is, annually, April 15th.
This much we know.

If you haven't prepared yours yet, there is always a moment of trepidation before you fill out all the forms as you wonder if you are getting a return or if you will be writing a check to Uncle Sam for the difference.

However, there is an even MORE troubling question...
How long will you have to work this year to earn enough money to pay all of the taxes and fees you will incur at the hands of the government?

The idea of "Tax Freedom Day" was hatched by a Florida business man in 1948 and was meant to show the first day of the year in which a nation as a whole has theoretically earned enough income to fund its annual tax burden.

According to,Tax Freedom Day for 2013 for the entire nation will land on April 18th this year.  That means Americans will have to work for the first 108 days (29.5%) of the calendar year just to make enough dough to pay "The Man."

To put it in perspective, Tax Freedom Day 100 years ago was January 19th.  It has gotten longer each year with debt, inflation of the dollar and addition of new taxes and fees to blame.

For those of us in Washington state, the news gets worse.  The tax foundation has calculated that the Evergreen state's freedom day is two days after the national estimate - landing on April 20th.

Remember - get your federal return filed by Monday and then celebrate on Friday as you, my enslaved friend, have finally worked enough this year to pay your taxes!