Slipknot star Corey Taylor has defended fans who illegally download songs from the internet, insisting no one wants to pay for “garbage” modern music.

The record industry has been hit hard by illicit file-sharing, but rocker Taylor is convinced the practice is a response to bad music churned out by current chart-toppers.

And he’s adamant listeners would pay for albums if the tracks were of a decent quality.

He tells Britain’s Kerrang! magazine, “I have a completely different take on this from a lot of other people. A lot of people in the industry want to blame downloading for the state of (the music business), but I think that if most music wasn’t s**t to begin with people wouldn’t be downloading this stuff for free.

“Seriously, who the f**k wants to risk hard-earned money on music that’s maybe 98 per cent c**p? I’m not going to. And I still buy new albums. People ask what my favourite new album is and nine times out of 10, I don’t f**king have one. Music is garbage.” (Article taken from Canoe)