Considering what the world is talking about today clearly isn't the war or poverty or how the laws are changing, it is what Kim Kardash...... Whatever and who Taylor Swift is sleeping with right now!When I do a Google search for something it is interesting to me how some of the first things that pop up are about Taylor Swift, Kim Kardash......, Beyonces new hair do ect. It cracks me up that people really do care. Here at the radio station we do post to keep all of you interested in what is going on in the world.

One of the biggest hits on our websites is really all about those people! My protest on the American flag and the teacher back East who suspended a student for drawing one got less hits. In other words, people clicked on the Taylor Swift's name more than they clicked on the American Flag!

Taylor Swift needs to bang someone in the rock world and I might very well click on her name! I know! Wolfgang Van Halen! That is a good idea!

Unless it is Wolfgang or some other rocker, who gives a rats a$$ about who the hell Taylor Swift is sleeping with!  ~End Rant