Although Jack Black has been doing plenty of non-Tenacious D things lately (starring in Gulliver’s Travels, teaming up with Jason Segel for a remake of “Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy”), he assures fans that there’s more music to come from “The D.” He said that he and musical partner Kyle Gass have a new album in store.

“We’re in the middle of recording it,” he told “We’re about halfway through the writing process. We need another few months. But you can look for it at the end of 2011.”

As far as subject matter, Black offered a few clues: “We’re gonna be talking about love, there are gonna be some songs about sex and there’s gonna be songs about food.”

Although the last Tenacious D album was tied to a feature film, Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, this one won’t have that sort of counterpart. “This is strictly a musical endeavor, but I would not rule out another film,” he said. “Although it would probably be on the lower-budge.”  Courtesy of