Fred Durst and garbage. Make's Sense!

Austin, Texas is looking for a new name for its Solid Waste Services Department, something that "better reflects all of the services the department provides."

So who better to ask than the good people of Austin -- or, better yet, the entire population of the Internet? The department has put it to an online vote, and the leader, by a huge margin is "The Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts." The FDSHA has garnered more than 25,000 votes. The runner up, the "Department of Neat and Clean" has just under 2,000 votes. In a distant third is "Ministry of Filth."

Kyle Hentges, 24, who has lived in Austin for just seven months, told TPM he submitted the idea as a result of "insomnia and boredom." He feels Limp Bizkit is worthy of being associated with waste services.

"I guess you could say i did it for the nookie," Hentges said in a joking reference to LImp Biskets first sin Spoiler alert: he's not actually a Limp Bizkit fan.