Last year was my first time at Rockstar Energy Drinks Mayhem Festival. I was pretty overwhelmed by how big the festival actually was. There were small tents everywhere selling various cloths and jewelry as well as the tents selling band t shirts. Since it was my first time, I had to learn on the fly. Luckily, it wasn't extremely difficult. Here are some helpful tips on how you can survive the mayhem.

1) Do not go alone: If it's your first time going to Mayhem Fest, bring a friend or two or even some relatives that want to go. You can make it a road trip or even meet someone there but my advice for first timers is don't go by yourself. (I recommend to never go by yourself but if you wish you can).

2) Be helpful to others around you: Contrary to popular belief, most of us metal heads are actually very nice and helpful. This one is mainly for the people who like to mosh. If you see someone fall over in the mosh pit, take the time to help them up. I do this all the time. Plus, you might meet some new people.

3) Pack Light: Most of your time at Mayhem fest will spent standing or moshing (depending on what you like). So, don't bring a bunch of things that you will have to carry around with you all day that will stop you from having a good time. Just bring what you need; cell phone, money, I.D, sunscreen (if its very hot) and maybe a blanket if your going to be sitting on the lawn or have the General Admission Seating.

4) Arrive already hydrated and with a full stomach: Mayhem Fest is an all day festival. This means you will need food and things to drink. To save some money (because it pretty expensive) arrive with a full stomach and be drinking water before hand. Also, sometimes they have a big tent that hands out Rockstars, but that's not a guarantee.

5) Bring your metal head pride with you: This one is the most important in my opinion. Have your devil horns ready and be prepared to bang your head. Your going to have a blast! After all, this is a heavy metal concert festival. Go out there and have some fun.

If you have any more tips, please comment. And as always, keep on head banging!