My grandma received this as change the other day. What was she buying? I don't know, 'Grandma Stuff', why would I know? All I know is when I was at her house last past weekend she showed me this. Like any well-respected human, I immediately took a picture of it so I could throw it on our website.

I have no political agenda. I'm not democrat or republican. I'm not conservative or liberal. I'm not Rush Limbaugh or Jon Stewart but I know what's funny when I see it and I thought this was pretty funny - the fact that some guy would deface the American dollar bill (which, yes, it is illegal), it obviously didn't make the dollar out of circulation so I think we're okay.

I'm not exactly sure if my grandma will spend the dollar on more grandma stuff or not. If she does, I'm sure she'll pay her taxes on it.

The dollar reads

This is $1 MORE than Bank of Merikkka, GE, or EXXON PAID IN TAXES IN 2010! - Message paid for by a tax payer