Can you believe that 2012 is already half way over? So many crazy things have already happened so far this year from breaking news to Internet mems and we're only half way there. Here are the top 10 stories so far that have made it viral on 94.5 KATS.

  • 10

    C String Bikini One-Ups G-String

    Just when you thought G-string bikinis were small enough, this company decided to come out with the C-string which, honestly, doesn't contain very much string at all. This new product was worth a peek, as well as a second peek just to make sure you saw what you think you saw.
  • 9

    Find the Hidden Cat

    We found a busy picture that had a cat hidden somewhere. Your job? Find the cat!

  • 8

    Who Is That Chick In The New Reebok Commercial With Chad Ochocinco?

    The headline tells the story of what people want to know. There was a commercial that featured a more-than-average athletic female that had us all wondering who she was. With a little research, we found out.

  • 7

    Girl In Cast Carries Mattress While Man Doesn’t Help In Downtown Yakima

    This one image snapped in downtown Yakima created quite a buzz. We've heard opinions from people looking at this picture, from people who know the couple in this photo and even from the people featured in the photo, itself.

  • 6

    Family Guy Porn Parody Exists

    Family Guy + Porno = this announcement which included a safe-for-work trailer.

  • 5

    Texts From A Dog

    There are several saved texts websites but one that was completely unique was a collection of texts as if they were sent from a dog's perspective.

  • 4

    This Dancer’s Butt Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

    Lady's backsides always make popular topics of discussion on 94.5 KATS. When this viral video popped up of a lady dancing who happens to have one of the most hypnotizing posteriors we've ever seen, this story started to spread by people sharing it with all of their friends.

  • 3

    Try A Mountain Dew And Dorito Cupcake

    2012 is definitely the year of the cupcakes as they have exploded into creative popularity. One image that caught our eye was someone made a Mountain Dew cupcake that featured crushed Doritos.

  • 2

    Bird Takes Shower In Chocolate Fountain

    Wildly popular as we all wish we could, this bird decided to take a bath in one of those chocolate fountains.

  • 1

    Riggs Is 115 NES Games Tall

    This is one of those posts that prove nothing about anything, but the Internet ate it up, especially the popular website 'Reddit.' Using a collection old Nintendo games, Riggs stacked them up to see how tall he is. Then, another fellow redditor used a mathmatical equation to find out how tall he would be in SNES games or how tall you would be if you don't have 115 NES games laying around.