The Star of such movies as The Mummy... the Mummy 2... & The Mummy 48, Rachel Weisz knows how to use her looks & her acting chops to keep those Mummy's at bay! Seriously she's as talented as she is hot! Check her out in her new movie "The Bourne Legacy" & "OZ: The Great & Powerful" (Sorry no Mummy's in either of these films! & If you want a good cleavage shot check out the movie "Constantine" with the scene when she goes to hell through the bathtub... it's nice! In fact, here's A Perfect Circle's music video for Passive which has that clip at the end! Rock Music & Boobs... YOU'RE WELCOME! Get your hairballs in the KAT HOUSE for Rachel Weisz, Timmy's Basement Babe for Wednesday (8/15)!