No.  Really.

April 26thth is actually dedicated in the U.S. to bringing awareness to those disgusting clumps of knotted fur and gastrointestinal juices.

If you are a feline friendly, then you are already abundantly aware of them.

This morning on "The Big Show" I received a text message from long-time KATS listener Sheldon Buck alerting me to the fact that, indeed, today was the day.  He suggested that the motto for today should be: "Lick yourself and cough it up!"

After a quick Google search, I found that it is legit.  I also discovered that cats spend 30% of the ENTIRE LIVES grooming themselves.  In the process, they ingest approximately 30 grams of indigestible hair in one year (roughly the weight of 30 quarters!)

In celebration, we are going to award each and every KAT House Club Member with 10,000 bonus 'hair balls'! 

to receive yours now (you have until midnight tonight) and use them for entries into our 'Spring Fling' getaway, tickets on our next Mariners 'Super Fan' bus and more!

Two simple tips to avoid having to listen to your cat wheeze and hack just before upchucking on your carpet:
1.) Brush their fur regularly getting rid of excess hair
2.) Change their diet.  There are many cat food brands that now manufacture food specifically designed to reduce hairballs.

Now, for your dining and dancing pleasure, a musical montage of cats coughing up hairballs!