Todd is the morning show guy on 94.5 KATS and he is also the boss of KATS and my boss. He drives me crazy sometimes with his needing to be perfect in some of the silliest ways. When he thinks something is important, I don't -- and the other way around. HA! So I thought that I could interview someone who actually grew up with this guy and who knows about his crazy ways. What came out of her mouth was nothing I expected! Bonnie Crawford (Lyons) is one of the sweetest women that I know in the Yakima Valley and extremely honest.

She states in the video that there is a 10-year age difference between her and Todd, and that they never fought at all while they were growing up.

When she was born, Todd's mom and dad feared that Todd and his brother would not like the baby girl because it had always been just the boys. So they bought both of the boys shoes as a gift on the day of their new sister's arrival to keep their minds off the fact that there was now another girl in the house.

To Todd's dad's and mom's surprise, the boys didn't even care about the shoes. They could not wait to see their awesome baby sister.

So to all of us who think Todd is a hardass and a control freak, his sister has proven us all wrong. I am happy to say that Todd is a really nice guy!