The 2014 Water Follies in Tri-Cities, once again, did not fail to disappoint.
This was the second year my family and I have spent a sunny Sunday on the Pasco side of the Columbia River watching the aerial show and the hydroplane races. To say it is a blast is an understatement.

Other than my feet being sore the next day from walking on the rocky river bed without any foot covering (Note to self:  Bring flip-flops next year!) I can't even come close to picking out anything that is worth complaining about.

From the food, drink, people-watching and sunshine there is plenty for all to enjoy.  Especially if you like loud and fast machines like the Oh Boy! Oberto! boat driven by this year's Columbia Cup winner Jimmy Shane.

Here is the winning boat coming down the backstretch off of turn two opening up a big lead that would not be relinquished: