So it has been a joke with all of my friends to scare the crap out of them in various places with the Ultimate Bobble Head of Mr. Todd E. Lyons, Esq.My friend has had the bobble head for a long time. His wife gave it to him as a joke one day and put it on his Harley right by the handle bars. He went out to start his bike and 'Poof' there was Todd.

It has been passed around for a while. One day we got it in the most unlikely places so we re-gifted it to our friend Ty in his bathroom! You can imagine his surprise when he sat down to take care of business!

Well the other day we went camping and fishing up the pass. Fun night crazy night! HA We beat everyone awake at like 5:30 am because we have got to go fishing. I jumped in my Mazda that I am driving for Bob Hall Mazda and you can now imagine my surprise to see Todd E. Lyons, Esq staring me straight in my face! HA Not when I am about to go fishing! I had the Black Crows in my freaking head all day!