Today was "one of those days" as a radio d.j. that, thankfully, don't come along too often.

Following the horrific events that unfolded in Boston yesterday, it is was difficult trying to balance the normal levity of a morning show combined with the gravity of a national tragedy.
The only thing more difficult was wondering if I had done the right thing by letting my eight year-old son, Drew, stay in the room while my wife and I watched the coverage which, as we know, was very intense and disturbing.

My boy finally headed for bed but soon thereafter said he was "scared."  I think the news of the slain eight year-old boy, Martin Richard, sort of rocked him.  Understandably so.


It's tough enough to see your own child having a tough time.  It's worse when you feel like you are the legitimate reason for it.

That is why I put the following question out over the air and on our Facebook page:

Mercifully, most of the calls and responses I received said, "no" but I did want to share some of my favorite answers from the KATS audience:

If anything, it did allow me to teach my son that there are bad people in the world but the number of good ones far outweighs them.