With all the excitement & fair fever that has been going on over the past 5 days and will continue to go on for the remainder of the month, I enjoy the fair! I always do, although there were certain things that as I waited for Theory of a Deadman to rock the stage, I couldn't help but feel were missing.
Here's my top 10 Things I felt were Missing from the Central Washington State Fair!

#10 - Deep Fried Skittles... they've deep fried everything else, when will I get to taste the rainbow burned to a delicious crisp?

#9 - Small Handed Carnies... A vast majority of them I saw had average sized hands, if not bigger than normal... sadly Austin Powers & myself were both bummed.

#8 - The Anime Booth in the Sundome ran by the Albino... Where am I going to get my weird tentacle monster fix now?

#7 - Having my nuts crushed in Giant Swing ride... I didn't miss that, it was just something that I didn't experience at the fair this year.

#6 - Porcupines in the Petting Zoo... They taught valuable lessons!

#5 - Meatloaf on a Stick... Sticks are Awesome! Meatloaf Is Awesome! Why not combine the Awesomeness!

#4 - The guy in the Sundome selling new Pennies for a Dollar... I saw him 5 years ago, and I've never noticed him since... I may be blind or that maybe a poor business idea in today's economy.

#3 - Squeezing my fat ass through a turnstile as I walk into the fair... they now scan the ticket as you walk in & I am thankful!

#2 - Having the World's Biggest Pig VS the World's Smallest Horse in an Epic Battle Royal with the loser being donated to the Deep Fry Anything On A Stick Booth.

#1 - Not Enough Sexy Ladies Eating Big Corn Dogs... 'Merica!