Yesterday on Facebook we asked you, The KATS Army, what Yakima needs more of. 100% open, 100% honest, no right or wrong answers; what would you like to see more of in Yakima. According to the poll, here are the top 5 things you said that Yakima needs more of in no particular order.

1.) Jobs

No doubt in today's economical time do we need this in Yakima more than ever. Not even a career, but even a J.O.B. is hard to come buy. We've got the bodies willing to work and do pretty much anything it takes, but not the place to do the hiring. In the meantime, we have people holding signs on street corners while others sit around collecting government checks.

2.) Rock Shows

As evident of last week's Music as a Weapon 5 featuring Disturbed and Korn people in Yakima love to rock out. The Sundome was just about sold out and many who were at this show also attended the Nightmare After Christmas tour featuring Avenged Sevendust and Stone Sour. Proof that if you bring a rock concert, we will buy tickets. It's just a matter of bringing in more rock concerts and more often.

3.) Gang Reinforcement

Gangs in Yakima is one thing that Yakima is known for across the nation. It's certainly an unavoidable problem with the constant tagging around town and what seems to be a drive-by shooting every night. I like what Calvin Niebel said on our facebook wall. "Three strikes your out theory with juveniles. third conviction your treated as an adult." I bet that'd at least slow down the process to build for a better Yakima of tomorrow.

4.) Family Fun Activities

Something that Yakima is severely lacking in. Farrah Hegle mentioned getting a zoo on our Facebook wall. Yakima certainly could use some more family friendly places like a zoo, aquatic park or even another "chuck e. cheese" style arcade. We do have Meadowbrook, Gymnastics Plus and a couple of other establishments, but not many.

5.) Local Music Scene

Remember The Zone? Do you think it'd be worth while to get a place like that back in Yakima? We now have an online listing for local music to help increase awareness to the local music scene with our KATS Local Licks. Be sure to tell everyone you know about KATS Local Licks and have them submit their stuff to us so we can showcase what Yakima has to offer.

How can we kill all 5 birds with one stone? have a Battle of the Bands concert featuring local bands and hire security to manage the gangs while making it a family-friendly concert. There you go! Do you agree or disagree with this list? Leave a comment below and tell us what you're thinking about.