Honestly, I don't really follow the Academy Awards. The kinds of shows I watch rarely get nominated. But my favorite bit of news other than Christian Bale forgetting his wife's name which I thought was funny (because Christian Bale is a dumb douche) was that Trent Reznor won an Oscar for his music in 'The Social Network'.

But the most confusing of the Oscars? The award goes to Trent Reznor. I'm thrilled he won the award. His music made "The Social Network" gleam in all its creepy undercurrents, and his songs have been making films more outstanding for years. But last night's clean-cut appearance and short, sweet acceptance speech in which he thanks his wife goes against every single Trent Reznor virtue I value. (via Washington Post)

My guess is 3 people in that whole audience knew that Trent Reznor is from N.I.N. and would make it even funnier if he showed up covered in mud singing "Closer" - y'know, the way I always picture Trent Reznor looking.