Most men think going down on a woman stinks. Literally. But, according to this commercial for a new groundbreaking product, “Going downtown has never been tastier.”

The revolutionary new pill is designed to alter the taste of a woman’s downstairs parts to mimic those of foods men enjoy most. So far, it only comes in three flavors: beefy Tex-Mex chili, creamy eggs Benedict, and spicy fajita. All of which can be hit or miss, just like chowing cho-cha.

While you choke back vomit and disgust in between bouts of laughter, know that the video came via the perverted minds of OldePayPhone, a comedy group made up of Miles Gray, Taichi Erskine, Hunter Mossman, and Nick Clark. The two women in the video are Lyndsey Doolen, and Lyndsi LaRose in case you were wondering.

We whole-heartedly look forward to the release of Peen Cuisine. We’re sick of eating pineapple.

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