We would love them to get together for at least one show in Washington to Honor Dimebag but Vinnie says if they do it will be for only one show only.

It’s closing in on 2,000 fans on facebook  that have now joined the effort in calling for a one-off reunion/tribute concert (or a series of US dates) with the surviving members of disbanded Texas groove metal act PANTERA: vocalist Philip H. Anselmo, bassist Rex Brown and drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott.

TMD has learned today from a source close to Vinnie Paul’s camp that: “If it does happen (the PANTERA reunion event), it will be for only one show.”

Despite the ongoing rumor in the press recently that fans wanted the band’s legendary former lead guitarist, Dimebag Darrell Abbott, who was shot and killed on stage in Dec/2004, replaced in a new Pantera band reformation, the Facebook Pantera Reunion Tour Cause wants to make it clear that they do not support the idea of replacing Dime, for nobody could ever truly replace the late great guitar God. Honestly, who would ever suggest a thing like that?

Sodahead.com recently launched a poll asking fans whether or not they do indeed want to see Zakk Wylde play guest guitar for a Pantera reunion event. At this point, fans are 74% in favor of the idea. Go cast your vote!

According to the comments being left on the Facebook Pantera Reunion Tour Cause profile, a lot of fans feel former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde is the perfect choice for Dime’s guest “Fill-in” guitarist. What do you think? Or should there be more than one guest guitar player? TMD loves the idea of Zakk, along with maybe Kerry King of Slayer, Machine Head’s Phil Demmel, former Kiss lead guitarist Ace Frehley, and say maybe Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains. The possibilities are endless!!
***UPDATE*** A post has been issued on Pantera’s official Facebook stating that The Metal Den site completely fabricated this story, along with supporting a ‘bogus cause’ that somehow now has over 2,000 people that have joined up in under two months. Let it be clear that while this subject matter is certainly a controversial and emotional one, The Metal Den sticks by its sources, with any of the stories that the site has broken over the years. If we learn that our tips or news leads are bogus, we have always been more than willing to retract the story. Until then, TMD believes it is important to provide our readers with the latest breaking Heavy Metal news as it hits our desk… while offering the best ‘story integrity and journalist’s truth’ as possible. Hundreds of other metal news sites have published or ‘quoted’ many TMD stories of this size or larger over the years, respected sites like Blabbermouth.net, Bravewords and Bloody Knuckles and Metalunderground.com… these veteran news sites have all posted TMD’s news since we opened our doors officially in 2007. In the end, a lot of press is being written on the subject of a possible Pantera Reunion… they’ve been talking about it since 2005… at metal news sites all over the world. It is a subject that has been beaten into the ground, for sure… mainly with people suggesting the disrespectful notion that somehow Pantera could indeed reform one day with a new guitarist in place of Dimebag. The Metal Den stands behind the cause that’s being scrutinized in the media today — and all of work that we do for the metal scene, including or ongoing tributes of Pantera and Dimebag as we see fit.