Aho Construction offers a variety of floor plans and a growing selection of options that meet the needs of a broad spectrum of homebuyers, whether seeking an affordable home with basic features or an upgraded home with amenities.

Motto: “Whatever your goal, ours is to make you a satisfied homeowner.”

Founded: 1977

Why They’re Unique: Aho Construction goes where people are looking for livable neighborhoods. They work with communities that want to grow, attracting new residents and giving renters the opportunity for attainable home ownership. Their neighborhoods draw supporting businesses and assist in building vibrant communities.

They Can Answer Questions Relating to: How do I get free upgrades? How do we find a preferred lender? Can we have anything customized? Can you help us build a house anywhere in Yakima?

Meet The Expert

Mel Aho began building houses in 1977 and founded Aho Construction 10 years later. Based in Vancouver, Washington, our company began by building neighborhoods throughout the Vancouver area and gradually expanded to communities across the state, with more than 9,000 homes sold to date.

Mel has assembled a team of highly skilled employees and subcontractors—some of whom he has worked with for 30 years—and has developed innovative techniques that streamline the building process. Using quality materials and meeting rigorous standards, Aho Construction works to deliver a superior home in the shortest time at the best possible price.

Don’t bother with builders who don’t offer basic amenities in their packages. Aho Construction offers the expected amenities plus free upgrades!

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Visit them: 118 Golding Street Moxee, WA 98936