I stopped by my favorite convenient store the other day in Selah. I love buying scratch tickets but I don't very often because, well, I never have the extra cash!I finally said, 'Whatever I am gonna do it anyways'! And I am glad I did because I won a hundred bucks for the first time ever! HA

So with that Hundred bucks I am gonna buy me a few Powerball and Mega Millions because the prize on both of them is really high!

Mega Millions which will be drawn on May 17th is up to $190 Million Dollars!

Powerball which will be drawn on May 18th is higher than ever! $550 Million BUCKS! Holy crap!

I can not imagine winning that kind of money but you can't win if you don't play soooo as soon as I am off I am headed to the store and using my scratch ticket money to buy me a few Powerballs and a few Mega Millions! You should do the same and good luck!