There's been talk recently about California splitting up (basically North and South) creating two new states and thus a 51st in the Union.  From people I talk to in the Yakima Valley, I get the feeling that they wouldn't mind if Washington State did the same, except into East and West.

Having been born in Seattle, I still have a great deal of family that lives on the west side of the Cascades.  However, growing up and residing in both West Valley as well as East Valley in Yakima, I constantly hear complaints from both as to the inequities and how the other side is bringing them down.

West-siders say that we are a bunch of hillbillies that suck up more than our share of tax dollars through farm subsidies, unemployment benefits, welfare and roads and highways that only serve a sliver of the state's population.

Eastern Washingtonians are sick of not having their votes count for jack-squat when it comes to election time as positions such as governor are held by those that basically carried King, Pierce and Snohomish counties - all surrounding the Seattle/Tacoma area.

Is it time that Washington splits into two?  Should Eastern secede from Western?  What would we name the new regions?  Washington and Jefferson State?  Cascadia?

And where in the hell would we put the extra star on the American flag?


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