I used to be one of those who had to watch my favorite TV show the second it came out. I would never miss an episode -- I would record it and then watch it later. I paid 150 bucks a month just to make sure I did. What the heck is wrong with this picture?

Then I realized that if I am going to record it and watch it later and pay so much, I might just try letting someone else record it for $11 a month and watch it later. So what if it is a year later? The price is way too good to pass up. Netflix wins the day. But, does Netflix have what we want to watch?
Nowadays, I usually wait about a year to start a new TV show on Netflix. When "Prison Break" came out, I had no time to watch it. Now I watch episodes back-to-back as if it were a movie. I have several shows like that. Thank God for Netflix and $11 a month.

What TV shows do you watch on Netflix -- or do you?