Ever since I was a kid, I believed that Columbus is the guy who discovered America. Recent studies have indicated otherwise. Some people doing research on this believe that the voyages of John Cabot,‭ ‬the Italian navigator and explorer predates Christopher Columbus. Lief Erickson pretty much predates all of them. So, with all of that said, does Christopher Columbus really deserve his own day? I appreciate his stories, but I really don't think so.

I have come up with a list and the reasons why these people far more deserve a day of there own. I asked listeners to call in and give me who they think and this is what we have come up with.

Van Halen Day: March 15th (It is the closest date to 5150 I could come up with) In my opinion, one of the best bands to date. Eddie Van Halen's guitar playing is innovative.

Bob Marley Day: April 20th (For good reason) Bob Marley represented what most of us want in this world everyday. Peace and love.

Biker Brothers and Sisters Day: August 6th (That sounds good! Right around the first week of Sturgis) Many bikers have done some amazing stuff in the world. Charities and helping out many organization. And Since I am one, we should totally have a day!

Nolan Bushnell Day: December 26th (John Riggs picked this dude) Nolan was the founder of the Atari and of the awesome pizza joint Chuck E Cheese. So we picked December 26th, the day after Christmas because back in the day when I got my Atari I always wanted pizza while I was playing it! HA

Ted Nugent: September 15th (The first day of Bow Hunting) Not only is Uncle Ted and amazing guitar player and bow hunter but he is very political as well. Actually I picked "The Nuge" for President!

Who else needs their own Holiday? Sound off below