You've probably experienced the pain of some wise-guy asking you, "Workin' hard or hardly workin?"

I know, right?

Usually it's when you're right in the middle of something while that ass-clown tries to make small talk with you in between periods of pretending like he's busy.  I feel your pain.

Earlier this morning on "The Big Show," Aaron Bennett and I were marveling at the speed with which a couple of roofers were removing cedar shakes off of the house that is just outside the window of the KATS studio.

Now, I got into radio many years ago because I, too, had once done a job like this -- and others similar -- and knew quickly I did NOT want to spend the rest of my working days doing manual labor.

That said, radio broadcasting is very much hard work. When you compare and contrast roofing versus doing a morning show on a rock station, I'm sure you'll see that they are not too far apart in the amount of strenuous activity required to do either of the tasks.

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